You are now cut off!


Physical Description:

1 Leaflet: Black and White

Subject: American Expeditionary Forces


Obverse: In order to avoid needless bloodshed, this leaflet is being delivered to you. You are now cut off. There is no longer any front. Allied units are already far in your rear. You have fought bravely, but from now on it would be senseless to continue fighting. You must give up or die– shortly before the end of the war.   You realize your situation Now you must act accordingly. Every one of you must decide for himself. There is no time to be lost. The allied want to spare your lives and guarantee you decent treatment. but you must clearly indicate that you are quitting the fight. Act Immediately!

Reverse:  What is to be done?   Individual surrender: Individuals or small groups surrender by putting away weapons, helmet, and belt, raising their arms and waiving either a handkerchief or a leaflet. If allied soldiers are in the immediate vicinity they are to be called. Safe conducts, though helpful, are not absolutely necessary. Collection points for POW’s are to be found along the main highways and thoroughfares.   Group surrender: Where larger groups surrender, this has to be carried out while reserving military discipline. The ranking non-commisioned officer is responsible for its orderly execution. Officers surrender their units in a body, if possible, to an allied officer of equal rank. If parleys are required, authorized parlementaires may be sent according to the Hague Convention, to contact the nearest Allied Command Post.     Treatment of Prisoners:   1. Soldierly and Decent Treatment According to the Geneva convention, is assured on our word.   2. Good Food.the same as that of the allied armies who are the best fed army in the world.   3. Hospital care is modern and first rate — identical with that of allied soldiers.   4. Mail connection; 4 Postcards and 4 Letters may be written home every month.   5.  After the war — returning home as soon as possible.


Location: Vault
Holding ID: ZG 69

Language: english
Countries: Germany