Army-Navy Screen Magazine, No. 97

Author:  Signal Corps Motion Pictures

Subject: Marshall Plan

Sound; black & white; 20 min. Problems of Peace in Europe.

Reel 1: Film includes scenes of debris, displaced persons, demolished industrial sites, and Communist demonstrations in European cities. President Truman signs the Marshall Plan legislation on April 3, 1948. Secretary of State George C. Marshall testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on January 8, 1948. (“The $6,800,000,000 proposed for the first 15 months is less than a single month’s charge of the war. . . . This program should be viewed as an investment in peace.”)

Reel 2: Footage shows how the Marshall Plan can promote economic stability among the interdependent Western European nations. Scenes include Eleanor Roosevelt speaking to the United Nations General Assembly.



Location: Vault
Call No. Tape IV-2, 0:08:50
Holding ID: NARA/RG 111-SM-97
Language: english