General Marshall inspects the Jungle Training Center in Hawaii, December 20, 1943. Lieutenant Colonel William C. Saffarrans, commandant of the center, explains the method of attack used on a simulated Japanese village. (GCMRL/ Photographs, 7701)

General George C. Marshall Visits Unit Jungle Training Center, Hawaii

Author:  Signal Corps Motion Pictures

Subject: World War II

Silent; black & white; 8 1/2 min. Lieutenant Colonel William C. Saffarrans and his staff greet Chief of Staff George C. Marshall and Lieutenant General Robert C. Richardson as they arrive by jeep. The chief of staff observes soldiers constructing rafts, jumping into flaming water, and demonstrating hand-to-hand combat.

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Silent; black & white; 5 1/2 min. Generals Marshall and Richardson watch jungle training tactics. Soldiers run across a rope bridge under mock bombardment and demonstrate hand-to-hand combat. From a tower, General Marshall observes a demonstration of an enemy village under fire.
43.12.20A DISC 34

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Location: Vault
Call No. 43.12.20 DISC 32
Language: english