Secretary of State George C. Marshall testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on January 8, 1948. (GCMRL/ Photographs, 1064)

Secretary Marshall Ask Full Aid For Europe

Author:  Universal Newsreel

Subject: Marshall Plan, Marshall, George C.

Sound; black & white; 3 min. George C. Marshall testifies at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on January 8, 1948, urging passage of the European Recovery Program. “There will be requirements in this program for certain sacrifices,” says Marshall. “But I feel that when you measure those sacrifices against what we are fighting for you will get a very much better idea of the necessities of the case. . . . It is a difficult program. . . . But there is no doubt whatever in my mind that if we decide to do this thing we can do it successfully, and there is no doubt in my mind that the whole world hangs in the balance.”

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