Secretary Marshall Opens United Nations Week

Author:  Universal Newsreel

Subject: Postwar

Sound; black & white; 1 1/2 min. “Secretary of State Marshall reads from his address to the American Association for the United Nations on September 14, 1947, at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. “There are serious matters in the political and security field which require prompt action by the Assembly,” states Marshall. “We are particularly concerned with the aid and assistance which are being provided by Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Albania to the guerrillas in Greece — a direct threat to the territorial integrity and political independence of that country. We seek nothing in that situation but the protection of the Greek people, which is their due under the Charter. We have no interest beyond the pacification of the troubled area. The solution must be the cessation of that threat — and we earnestly hope that the General Assembly will be able to devise means for accomplishing that end.”

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