Secretary of State Marshall addresses the United Nations General Assembly on September 17, 1947. (GCMRL/ Photographs, 1250)

Secretary Marshall Scores Red Menace at U.N.

Author:  Universal Newsreel

Subject: Postwar

Sound; black & white; 1 min. Secretary of State George C. Marshall delivers his address before the General Assembly of the United Nations meeting in New York on September 17, 1947. “The situation we face today may be summarized by the statement that more than two years after the end of the war the fruits of peace and victory are still beyond our grasp. Men look anxiously toward the future, wondering whether a new and more terrible conflict will engulf them,” states Marshall. “If the United Nations should fail to protect the integrity of one small state, the security of all small states would be placed in jeopardy. The inability of the Security Council to take effective action in this [Greek] case passes a grave responsibility to the General Assembly. I am confident that the General Assembly will not fail to meet this responsibility. It must do so if the Organization is to carry out its fundamental purposes.”

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