Appian Way


Subject: Marshall Plan

Sound (English), b&w, 10 min. A trip down ancient the Via Appia (an old Roman road between Rome and Brindisi which extends from the city of Rome 500 miles southeast to Capua) serves to illustrate the progress being made with Marshall Plan aid in solving Italy’s postwar problems. Land reclamation in Apulia; a pause at Volturno, where so many Americans died in World War II; and, all along the way, evidence of new jobs and new hope as work is undertaken to restore damaged roads, bridges and buildings. For example, new homes are being built for the people living in the cave city of Matera. Directed by Vittorio Gallo, photography by Francesco Vittrotti. Produced by Telefilm, Rome, for ECA Italy.


Call No. Marshall Plan Films Tape 31
Language: english