Powers in his office.

Spy Pilot: Francis Gary Powers, the U-2 Incident, and a Controversial Cold War Legacy

May 23, 2019

Please join us for

“Spy Pilot: Francis Gary Powers, the U-2 Incident, and a Controversial Cold War Legacy”
with Francis Gary Powers, Jr.

Thursday, May 23, 2019
5:30 pm

***Due to the popularity of this event, it will be held in Gillis Theater at VMI’s Center for Leadership & Ethics (located directly behind our building)

***Book signing and reception after the event are at the Marshall Museum & Library

VMI Parade, Lexington, Virginia

Reservations are required. Please call Alice Lee at 540-463-7103, ext. 121 or email reservations@marshallfoundation.org. Members and students will be admitted free; non-members will pay $15 at the door.

A part of the George C. Marshall Legacy Series

About the Lecture

The shoot-down of the CIA U-2 spy plane piloted by Francis Gary Powers, Sr., on May 1, 1960, is one of the most infamous incidents of the Cold War and caused a severe set back U.S.-Soviet relations. During his presentation Mr. Powers will discuss the Cold War, the U-2 Incident, and the controversy that surrounded his father. He will also talk about what the family has done to set the record straight, and Steven Spielberg’s 2015 movie Bridge of Spies that portrays his father’s exchange for Soviet spy Rudolph Abel in 1962.

About Francis Gary Powers, Jr.

Gary is the son of U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers and his wife and Claudia “Sue” Powers. He is the Founder and Chairman Emeritus of The Cold War Museum, a 501(c) (3) charity located at Vint Hill, Virginia. Gary founded the museum in 1996 to honor Cold War veterans, preserve Cold War history, and educate future generations about this time period. As Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee for the Cold War Theme Study he works with the National Park Service and leading Cold War experts to identify historic Cold War sites for commemorating, interpreting, and preservation. He consulted for the Steven Spielberg Cold War thriller, Bridge of Spies, about James Donovan who brokered the 1962 spy exchange between KGB spy Rudolph Abel and CIA U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers, Sr.

Gary is the author of Letters from a Soviet Prison (2017) and Spy Pilot (2019) which both help to dispel the misinformation surrounding the U-2 Incident. He is a Board Member of the Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum and an Honorary Board Member of the International Spy Museum. Gary lectures internationally and appears regularly on C-SPAN, the History, Discovery, and A&E Channels.