October 13, 2022

Changing of the Seasons

Autumn at the George C. Marshall Foundation

The seasons are changing in Lexington, VA, and the leaves this year are beautiful. I want to share them with you before they all fall off the trees and have to be raked …

Brilliant maple at the Rockbridge Historical Society in Lexington, VA.


The first maple to change each year at the Virginia Military Institute.


The trees are showing fall colors at the George C. Marshall Foundation as well.

Dogwoods, Virginia’s state flower, foreground; and an oak rumored to have been grown from a Mount Vernon acorn, background.


A better view of the oak tree, from last fall. The 105-mm howitzers are not new security for the archives; they are to be fired for the VMI Founder’s Day commemoration Nov. 11.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this bit of beauty in your day! Happy Autumn! Now let’s all go find our rakes.

Before becoming director of library and archives at the George C. Marshall Foundation, Melissa was an academic librarian specializing in history. She and her husband, John, have three grown children, and live in Rockbridge County with three large rescue dogs. Melissa is known as the happiest librarian in the world! Keep up with her @MelissasLibrary.