Interview with Marshall biographer Mark Stoler

Marshall biographer Mark Stoler, Ph.D., talks about the significance of George C. Marshall’s career in The American Century.

George Marshall and the American Century

AWARD WINNING – George C. Marshall is the only career military officer ever to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. During his service, during peace and war, he served as Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and President of the Red Cross.

Soldier and statesman, a powerful yet modest patriot, George Marshall is today an almost forgotten hero – a private and introspective man whose influential role in matters of war and peace helped determine the course of the twentieth century. George Marshall and the American Century features rare historical footage and recordings of Marshall and President Roosevelt and Truman, as well as exclusive interviews with General Matthew B. Ridgway, journalist Eric Sevareid, former Secretary of Defense Clark Clifford and many others. It brings to life the tenacious diplomat and strategist who won battles in both the European theater and on Capitol Hill, and recalls the military leader who recognized the somber legacy of war. View on iTunes

Soldier and Statesman Video

This video introduces museum visitors to George C. Marshall.

Running Time Approx. 16 min.


In a Few Words: What Others Have Said About George C. Marshall

This short video gives a small slice of some of the things that others have said about George C. Marshall. Speakers include: General Colin Powell, Robert M. Gates, Hillary Clinton, General Raymond Odierno, Frederick W. Smith, President Harry Truman, Winston Churchill, and General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Big Picture Television Show

View this 28-minute biography of George Marshall narrated by the incomparable Walter Cronkite produced in 1963 as part of the U.S. Army’s Big Picture series of films. It highlights the life of General George C. Marshall. Footage includes General Marshall’s service as chief of staff, secretary of state, as head of the American Red Cross, as well as his visit to Korea while he was secretary of defense. Shows President Harry S. Truman awarding General Marshall the Distinguished Service Medal. He is awarded Virginia’s Distinguished Service Medal at Lexington, Virginia, on the fiftieth anniversary of his graduation from the Virginia Military Institute.

Remembering George Marshall: A Conversation with Merrill Pasco

H. Merrill Pasco, served as a staff secretary on the War Department General Staff in World War II. During this time he had a daily and close association with General George C. Marshall. The interview provides insight into the seven-days-a-week, war-time operations of the Office of the Army Chief of Staff and General Marshall’s relationship with civilian leaders (Winston Churchill, Harry Hopkins, Henry L. Stimson, Presidents Roosevelt and Truman, and congressional leaders) and military leaders (Eisenhower, King, and MacArthur). Colonel Pasco discusses the six tasks that Marshall dealt with in the management of the war and the decision to use the atomic bomb. Pasco also discusses the importance of Frank Capra’s Why We Fight documentaries. Throughout the sometimes humorous interview, Pasco refers to Marshall’s strength of character, his forceful personality, and his selfless service exemplified by his refusal to ask President Roosevelt for the assignment as the Supreme Allied Commander for the allied invasion of Europe. Running time approx. 56 min. View on iTunes

Legacy of Leadership Videos

Historical re-enactment films commissioned by the George C. Marshall Foundation. These films were part of a seminar on corporate ethics and Marshall’s leadership principles offered by the Marshall Foundation. John Scott Gunnoe as George Marshall, David Colatosti as the reporter.