January 20, 2016

George C. Marshall Lecture

The Marshall Foundation and Society for Military History sponsor the George C. Marshall Lecture in Military History. It is aimed at both keeping Marshall’s memory alive and stimulating interest in the study of military history more broadly. This event takes place at the annual American Historical Association meeting each year.

These lectures may be used for research purposes only. They may not be quoted from, cited, or published except by written permission of the George C. Marshall Foundation.



Projecting American Power in the Second World War

Rick Atkinson

George C. Marshall and the “Europe First” Strategy, 1939–51: A Study in Diplomatic as Well as Military History

Mark A. Stoler

The Rewards of Risk Taking — Two Civil War Admirals

James M. McPherson

Open Societies at War: A Comparative History, 1939-45

David Hackett Fischer

The Revisionist Imperative: Rethinking the Twentieth Century

Andrew Bacevich

Some Myths of World War II

Gerhard L. Weinberg

Clausewitz and the First World War

Hew Strachan

History From the Middle? The Case of the Second World War

Paul Kennedy

History, and the History of War

John Shy

States Make War, and Wars Also Break States

Geoffrey Parker

Numbers on Top of Numbers: Counting the Civil War Dead

Drew Gilpin

After Hiroshima: Allied Military Occupations and the Fate of Japan’s Asian Empire, 1945-47

Ronald H. Spector

The New American Militarization

Richard H. Kohn


1947-48: When Marshall Kept the U.S. Out of the War in China

Ernest R. May

Introduction to the Korean War

Allan R. Millett

The Duality of the American Military Tradition: A Commentary

Edward M. Coffman

The Soldier, Statesman, and the Military Historian

Russell F. Weigly