September 9, 2019

The Marshall Plan Featured On NPR’s Planet Money

Recently Greg Rosalsky and Darian Woods spent time at the Marshall Foundation recording an episode of NPR’s Planet Money. Interviews include Director of Library and Archives Paul Barron, and Benn Steil, Legacy Series speaker and author of The Marshall Plan: Dawn of the Cold War.

Episode # 938 Introduction:

Sometimes the way to help yourself is to help your enemy too.

Presidential candidates are saying we need a modern-day Marshall Plan for Central America, for repairing our national infrastructure… even to fix racial inequities. Back when Hillary Clinton was running, she called for a Marshall Plan for Appalachia.

But… what was the original Marshall Plan anyway?

Today on the show, we go back in time. WWII had just ended. The Allies had won. The Nazis were defeated. And much of Europe was in disarray. People were starving and entire cities were destroyed.

General George C. Marshall developed a plan, something done at a scale never seen before: spending boatloads — actual boatloads — of cash to rebuild another continent.

Listen now.