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The Foundation
The non-profit, nonpartisan, independent Marshall Foundation is the one place where the values that shaped and motivated Marshall are kept alive.  As a unique resource, the Foundation perpetuates Marshall’s legacy as the person who “won the war and won the peace,” his leadership qualities and exemplary character through educational programs and facilities such as a world-class archives, a research library and a museum that offer a wide range of resources and materials for use by members, the general public, amateur historians, scholars and students of all ages.

  • The Marshall Legacy Series interprets General Marshall’s legacy through a multi-year series of events, programs and information centered on key themes, event or episodes in his career.
  • Research Library & Archives with one of the most comprehensive collections on the life of a world-famous individual ever assembled, also available to researchers online.
  • Marshall Museum houses many historic artifacts, including the Nobel Peace Prize, that George C. Marshall received in 1953.
  • The Marshall Papers, combined with the four-volume Pogue biography, present a comprehensive study of Marshall’s life and career.


The Marshall Legacy Series
The George C. Marshall Legacy Series interprets General Marshall’s legacy through a multi-year series of events, programs and information centered on key themes, events or episodes in General Marshall’s career. Because his career touched nearly every major event of the first half of the 20th Century, the landscape for the Series is rich and vast. We will access our own resources and collections to create unique activities and events to share with the public.

The Legacy Series provides an exposition of the key moments in General Marshall’s life through selected documents and artifacts from our archives, articles, audiovisual presentations, unique museum exhibitions and speaker events and in doing so fleshes out who he was, what he did, how he did it and why he is still so relevant today. The goal is to make Marshall’s career and achievements popularly accessible and reinforce our claim to be the principal organization, nationally and internationally, that commemorates Marshall and defines his legacy.

Marshall Legacy Series Sequences:

Codebreaking, April—June 2015

Weapons of War, July—September 2015

Taking Care of the Troops, October—December 2015

All Who Want to Serve, January-April 2016

Speed and Fury, May-August 2016

Let’s Get A Move On, September-December 2016

The World Wars, January-December 2017

Europe’s Unlikely Recovery, January-June 2018

Friend’s in High Places, July-December 2018

Winter’s Coming, January-June 2019

The Man For All Seasons, July-June 2020

The Growing Electronic Reach of the Foundation
The Marshall Foundation makes Marshall-related information and material from its extensive collections available to students, scholars and researchers online.  The Foundation is continually adding content to its website.  Electronic access is part of the mission of the Foundation to extend its reach.

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