George Kennan Interview Details February 17, 1959



Summary of Topics Covered:

Kennan talks of his service in the US Embassy in Moscow and his “long telegram” about the question of Soviet intentions during WWII. He discusses Marshall meeting with the Policy Planning Staff and Marshall asking the question of what should happen if the Russians except the Marshall Plan. He discusses Congressional hearing over aid to Europe in accordance with the Marshall Plan. He responds to questions on China and the China White Paper. He is critical of Chiang Kai-shek. He talks of discussions with MacArthur over the Peace Treaty with Japan. He discusses his problems with the negotiations to form a military alliance (NATO) instead of his preference to concentrate on European recovery. Kennan discusses consultations with Marshall during the Korean War and his and Marshall’s role in assuring that the US did not abandon South Korea. He discusses differences between Marshall and Acheson and the demise of the State Department’s Policy Planning Staff


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