40.09.30 Mr. Newsum; Colored Pilots

Author:  Marshall, George C.
Date: September 30, 1940

Subject: Interwar

Mr. Fitzroy Newsum
605 Franklin Avenue
Brooklyn, New York

Dear Mr. Newsum:

The War Department has recently provided for the organization of new negro units which will more than double the present strength of colored enlisted men in the Regular Army, and under Selective Service it is prepared to receive and place in organizations a full proportion of colored trainees.

As to colored aviation units, at the present time the Civil Aeronautics Authority is making a beginning in the preliminary development of negro pilots, and the National Youth Administration and a number of civilian educational institutions have under instruction colored men for training as mechanics and technical specialists. In order to organize colored aviation units within the Army it will first be necessary to obtain trained specialist personnel to man these units. The Department plans to provide for the acceleration of such training and for the organization of such units as the necessary personnel becomes available, but it convinced that to mix colored and white personnel in the same organization would be destructive to morale and to the efficiency which is our primary concern in this emergency. The condition which makes this grouping impossible is not the responsibility of the War Department, but to ignore it would produce a situation highly detrimental to national defense. The splendid morale and high reenlistment rate in our existing colored regiments proves that our present system is thoroughly satisfactory.

Sincerely yours,

G.C. Marshall
Chief of Staff

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40.09.30 Mr. Newsum


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