51.09.21 With regards to my papers

Author:  George C. Marshall, Jr.
Date: September 21, 1951

Physical Description:

Handwritten memo on 5 small pieces of American Red Cross paper.

Subject: Postwar, Marshall, George C.

With regard to my papers, as I explained several times to General Palmer there is little in them of historical interest.

I refrained throughout the war and as Secretary of State from expressing views on national or international affairs in personal or semi-office correspondence.

I did this because of the inevitable hazards regarding publicity and as to my military correspondence, to avoid any chance of confusion in the minds of the recipient between what I wrote and the campaign directives from the Operations section over my signature.

For example, Eisenhower wrote me frequently and at considerable length. But I seldom if ever replied in my personal correspondence. His letters are in the officials files. The answers are part of the subsequent directions.

I will consider the matter further but I see little of historical interest involved, and have the impression that my actions were few, far between and relatively colorless.

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