5-335 Editorial Summary of Meetings with Chang Chun and Chang Chih-chung

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Editorial Summary of Meetings with Chang Chun and Chang Chih-chung

January 24-25, 1946 Chungking, China

Chang Chun, January 24, 11:00 A.M.

General Chang briefed Marshall on the current situation around Chihfeng. The Nationalists favored sending a truce team to investigate; a telephone message from Chou En-lai, however, requested that Executive Headquarters take no action. Marshall showed Chang his proposal to send a truce team to Yingkow. (See note 1, Marshall to Robertson, January 21, 1946, Papers of George Catlett Marshall, #5-332 [5: 426].)

The Political Consultative Conference was not making satisfactory progress, General Chang noted, but it had organized five subcommittees to work on various problems. He commented on the military-related programs various political groups had proposed. After hearing Chang’s exposition, Marshall concluded that three months did not appear to be a realistic time to plan and execute a military reorganization. He repeated for Chang what he had told General Chang Chih-chung the previous day regarding his general concepts on reorganization. (See Papers of George Catlett Marshall, #5-333 [5: 427].) Change would of necessity be gradual, Marshall said. Because of Communist fears, the first six months of reorganization would be the most difficult. (Foreign Relations, 1946, 9: 374-75, 196-98.)

Chang Chih-chung, January 25, 11:00 A.M.

Having previously received from Marshall a draft military reorganization plan, Chang discussed various elements of it. He was particularly concerned with the proposed 2:1 Nationalist-Communist ratio of divisions, which he said was beyond previous Communist demands of 6:1, and with the idea of giving the Communists a role in regions where they were presently weak. Chang agreed with certain parts of the draft proposal and questioned the advisibility of others. (Numerous draft plans are in NA/RG 59 [Lot Files, Marshall Mission, Military Affairs, Demobilization]. A version from mid-February is in Foreign Relations, 1946, 9: 215-19.) Marshall stated that he would have a new draft prepared for review. (Ibid., pp. 199-201.)

Chang Chun, January 25, 3:00 P.M.

General Chang informed Marshall of the state of negotiations in the Political Consultative Conference’s various subcommittees. Some progress was being made toward drafting a new constitution, he noted. (Ibid., pp. 144-46.)

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