Education of a General – Acknowledgments

Publisher: The George C. Marshall Foundation

In the Bibliographical Note on p. 354 I have listed the individuals who contributed to this volume by granting interviews, by sending information  in the form of letters or short memoirs, or by gifts or loans of documents, photographs or other material. Here I wish to list some of the individuals and agencies which in various other ways have made this volume possible:

John D. Rockefeller, Jr., his widow, and a contributor who wishes to remain anonymous provided the funds for the initial research on this volume.  A liberal advance from The Viking Press helped supply funds for the completion of the book.

The George C Marshall Research Foundation, headed initially by the late John C. Hagan, Jr., and at present by General of the Army Omar N. Bradley, holds title to the papers of the General and exercises general supervision over the research program. The following individuals have been connected with the Foundation as officers or members of its board of directors: J. Clifford Miller, Jr , Major General William M. Stokes, John C. Parker, former Superintendent William H. Milton, Dr F. P. Gaines, Brigadier General Frank McCarthy, Harry A. deButts, Lieutenant General Milton G. Baker, Carter Burgess, H. Merrill Pasco, Giles Miller, Jr , Dr. Fred C. Cole, Edmund Pendleton, Major General George R. E Shell, Lieutenant Colonel C. J. George, Joseph D. Neikirk and Royster Lyle, Jr.

Three presidents of the United States, Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and John F. Kennedy have granted access to official documents and given their backing to our project. We have had the full support of government archivists and historians. This list includes: National Archives, Dr. Wayne Grover, Archivist of the United States; Sherrod East, Dallas Imine, Wilbur Nigh, Robert W. Krauskopf, Mrs. Hazel Ward, and Garry D. Ryan; Department of Stute, Dr. G. Bernard Noble, former Director, Historical Office, Bureau of Public Affairs; Dr. William M. Franklin, Director, Historical Office, Bureau of Public Affairs; and Dr. E. Taylor Parks, Chief, Research Guidance and Review Division, Department of Defense, Dr Rudolph Winnacker, historian; Deparlment of Army, Dr. Kent R. Greenfield, former chief historian; Dr. Stetson Conn, chief historian, Israel Wice, and Charles Romanus, Adjutant General’s Office, Ollon D. McCool, and Robert Ballentine. Mrs. George C. Marshall has been especially helpful in answering hundreds of questions about the General and about her own interesting career.

She has passed on to me many items which had been sent to her regarding the General and has been helpful in locating old friends for me to interview. She has made no attempt to influence me in the writing of the book and has not read the manuscript.

Several members of General Marshall’s former staff have aided me throughout the writing of this book by suggesting leads, by locating former associates, by recalling anecdotes, by helping me understand better the subject of this book, and by aiding me in the examination of the personal files of the General. This group includes: Brigadier General Frank McCarthy,Secretary General Staff, 1943-45; Colonel C. J. George, aide to General Marshall from i 947-59; Lt. General Marshall S. Carter, special assistant to General Marshall during the China Mission and while he was Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense; and Miss Mary L. Spilman, the General’s secretary from 1953-59. To Miss Alma Hickey, secretary to General Bradley, the Foundation and I are deeply indebted for assistance in getting information and for typing.

Miss Eugenia D. Lejeune, the librarian of the Marshall Research Center and my chief administrative assistant, has been of tremendous help to me in every phase of the writing of this book. She has helped on research, checked and compiled footnotes, read newspaper files, run down references in books and periodicals, read proof, prepared the index and bibliography, and in dozens of ways proved herself an invaluable assistant. In this work she has been aided particularly by Mrs. Juanita Pitts, who has ably shared in many of these undertakings. Mrs. Frances Daniels, assisted by Mrs. Helen Roepke, has typed the various drafts of the manuscript. Miss Lejeune and Mrs. Roepke did most of the transcriptions of interviews used in the book, except for those of General Marshall. For these I did the initial transcriptions and Miss Lejeune carefully checked them.

Mrs. Arline Pratt made special studies of the Civilian Conservation Corps, our relations with China, and public opinion in regard to the Army in 1938-39. Mr. John €3. Gauntlett also studied certain newspapers and magazines for information on the Army shortly before the beginning of war in Europe.  Myles Marken, a part-time assistant, selected from great masses of material in the National Archives those items which shed light on the career of General Marshall in World War I. Colonel Bertram Kalisch, chief of the Audio-Visual Division, Department of Defense, made many valuable suggestions.

In the development of its initial program, the Foundation had the assistance of Kenneth Chorley, Carlisle Humelsine, former VMI Superintendent R. J. Marshall, Bernard M. Baruch, Thomas J. Watson, Robert A. Lovett, Mrs. Anna Rosenberg, John Lee Pratt, and Thomas J. Watson, Jr. The following gave valuable suggestions on the writing of the book, the collection and preservation of records, and the plans for the library: Brigadier Generals. L. A. Marshall, Dr. Hugh M. Cole, Dr. L. A. Minnich, Dr. Philip Brooks, Dr. Herman Kahn, and Alonzo H. Gentry. Thirty eminent Americans, including several of the individuals listed elsewhere, make up a special Advisory Board which is at present raising funds for the George C. Marshall Research Library.

The following have read the book in whole or in part: Mark S. Watson, Colonel William Couper, Dr. I. B. Holley, Jr., Dr. Edward M. Coffman, Don Mace, Chaplain Martin Poch, Major General Philip E. Gallagher, Dr. C. S. Lowry, Dr. Frank Steely, Royce L. Thompson, my wife, and members of my staff. They have pointed out errors, in some cases suggested new material, or given helpful suggestions for improving the text.

F. C. P.

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