1-540 Memorandum for the Chief of the Air Corps, December 16, 1938

Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press
Date: December 16, 1938

Memorandum for the Chief of the Air Corps

December 16, 1938 Washington, D.C.


Dear Arnold:1

In addition to the routine justifications that the Chief of Staff must present at any budget hearings, it will be necessary, in connection with this Two-year Program, to provide him with data to meet the numerous questions which are probably going to be asked. I am listing below requests for some of the data that it seems to me he should have available. And I am addressing you informally, because I would like to have a trial effort made as to the style in which the data might be presented for his use. Then, if that is acceptable, we will go about the business of exact calculations.

So, will you please have some one make a hurried stab at this, using rough estimates only, flash figures as we recently have become fond of saying, and send up the result for General Craig and myself to look over prior to any serious calculations.

I would first like answers to the following questions along with a terse explanation in each pertinent case, as a background for his oral explanations or answers during the hearings. Here is the list:

1. What is the proper proportion of types of combat aircraft of say, in a block of 1,000? What is this proportion based upon? What tactical and strategical considerations are involved?

2. If we include combat, training and miscellaneous types in a block of 1,000 airplanes, what is the proportion of each? Discuss the proportion of training and miscellaneous types required to combat types.

3. Should the percentages of airplanes in reserve be the same for all types? Discuss the relative needs for reserve of combat types vis-

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