Reel 015 Item 548 Allocation of Negro Units

Author:  Smith, Walter B.
Date: November 25, 1941

Memorandum for the A. C. of S., G-1:
A. C. of S., G-3:
Chief of the Air Staff

The Chief of Staff desires that a resurvey be made of the allocation of negro units, with the idea of placing a proper proportion of negro personnel at locations adjacent to communities with a large colored population rather than concentrating an undue percentage of colored troops in locations where there are only small negro communities.

This decision is prompted by recent difficulties at Camp Bowie and Brownwood, Texas, where three negro organizations of considerable strength are stationed near a community with a negro population of two or three persons only.

The A. C. of S., G-3 is charged with the responsibility for this resurvey of ground troops, and the Chief of the Air Staff with those of the Air Corps. Remark and recommendations are desired.

By direction of the Chief of Staff:

W. B. Smith
Colonel, General Staff
Secretary, General Staff

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Reel 15 Item 548 Allocation of Negro Units



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