Xerox 2903 Marshall and the Manhattan Project

Date: September 18, 1963

Subject: World War II

September 18, 1963

Dear Dr. Pogue:

I imagine you have had brought to your attention the article in Look for August 13, 1963. Without going into the many other inaccuracies contained in the article I did want to advise you that it is not accurate in so far as General Marshall is concerned.

As far as I ever knew the Potsdam Ultimatum fully met his view on adequate warning as quoted from the memo prepared by McCloy. I would point out too that tees views were originally developed by Mr. Stimson in the course of discussions between him and myself. It should be noted that it was on May 21st that the Interim Committee met with the Scientific Panel. At this meeting General Marshall as well as myself were present. The date of the McCloy memo was May 29, 1945. It was on May 31st, two days later that the Interim Committee reached its decision to recommend the bomb should be used without a prior demonstration, and I would add the Secretary Stimson was already of the same mind, as was I, and I have always believed General Marshall was too.

As I told you several years ago I hope that you will not depend on the extremely limited written records of the Manhattan Project to cover in any but the most general way the participation of General Marshall in the atomic project. I would also urge you to remember that the years are passing and that not only may I not be here when you reach this portion of his biography but even if I am my memory will not retain all the shadings which are so important in correctly portraying the unusual qualities of a man like General Marshall.

I am looking forward to reading your first volume as soon as it appears in the book-stores.


Leslie R. Groves

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