Letter from FDR

Letter of Encouragement

Author:  Franklin D. Roosevelt

Subjects: World War II

A letter from President Franklin Roosevelt to the members of the United State Army Expeditionary Forces.


To Members of the United States Army Expeditionary Forces:

You are a soldier of the United States Army.

You have embarked for distant places where the war is being fought.

Upon the outcome depends the freedom of your lives: the freedom of the lives of those you love – your fellow citizens – your people.

Never were the enemies of freedom more tyrannical, more arrogant, more brutal.

Yours is a God-fearing, proud, courageous people, which, throughout its history, has put its freedom under God before all other purposes.

We who stay at home have our duties to perform – duties owed in many parts to you. You will be supported by the whole force and power of this Nation. The victory you will will be a victory of all the people – common to them all.

You bear with you the hope, the confidence, the gratitude and the prayers of your family, your fellow citizens, and your President —

Franklin D. Roosevelt


Location: Vault
Call No. Box 2 Folder 13

Language: english