Epley Letter – 1942 – Now Don’t Gripe Me

Author:  Emmett Stewart Epley
Date: September 30, 1942

Subjects: World War II

Emmett, you don’t seem to realize that you will fritter away a dollar here and a dollar there than will run into real money– that can be used to make less work for you in getting through school–if you do get through, what with other draft, etc. I know–its [sic] the same old thing. And it will be as long as you persist in the course you now follow. I didn’t tell you not to write those things because I was sure you knew how I felt and I was sure you would start to take a different view of things when you got to school–would realize there is more than this moment to your life–there’s years ahead– and discipline comes easier in the early years, I don’t intend to “razz” you by mail, Emmett, but I do want you to quit doing the things you know worry me–at least quit writing about them to us here. Can’t you see its [sic] all because I’m so darned proud of you, and want you to be all that I have dreamed of and ached to be for years?

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