Memorandum for the Chief of Engineers, September 17, 1942

Author:  Leslie R. Groves
Date: September 17, 1942

Subjects: World War II

These were the only written instructions ever issued in connection with my responsibilities on the Manhattan Project. They were written by Major General Styer, Chief of Staff for General Somervell, in consultation with me and primarily for the benefit of the Chief of Engineers, Major General Reybold. Of the instructions contained in the memorandum, the important one was “to take complete charge of the entire DSM project…. ” The rest was considered then and always as pure window dressing.

Before this time the project had been known as the DSM project (development of substitute materials). I had always considered this designation most objectionable, because I felt that it would automatically attract attention and curiosity and would thus cause breaches of security. It was for that reason that the designation of Manhattan Engineer District had been decided upon after a discussion held a few weeks earlier between Col. J. C. Marshall, the District Engineer at that time, and me.

Memorandum for the Chief of Engineers, September 17, 1942


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