Letter to John C. Hagan, Jr., October 22, 1955


October 22, 1955

Washington, DC

Dear Hagan:    In your letter of August 1, enclosing a letter from Frank McCarthy dated July 27, you requested my concurrence in your plans for the George C. Marshall Foundation. As I mentioned to you in subsequent conversations, I will be very glad to cooperate with the Foundation, subject to the following understanding:

1) That the selection of the project director will be the responsibility of the Board of Directors of the Foundation without reference to me for comment or concurrence.

2) That the selection and processing of the papers which are made available to the Foundation will be the responsibility of the project director and his staff working under the guidance of the Board of Directors and in accordance with the rules of procedures established as a result of the President’s memorandum of April 1, 1955.

3) That title to my personal papers will pass to the Foundation upon my death.

4) That additional information will be provided by means of recorded answers to specific questions prepared by the project director, or by direct discussion with the project director, or otherwise.

5) That any statement or comment by me regarding personalities or events of a personal nature will be made available to the public only with my written consent or, subsequent to my death, with the approval of the Board of Directors of the Foundation.

6) That any funds accruing to the Foundation from commercial publication or project connected with material relating to me will remain with the Foundation.      Faithfully yours,