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Memories Project, 2001 Donors Part 1



Billy J. Adams

Received 8/27/01

  • A copy of the “Diary of Lt. Colonel Billy J. Adams – Korea 1953-1954, with photographs and maps
  • Copies of 9 additional color photographs of his service in Korea
  • A copy of “History of 414th Armored Field Artillery Battalion, 20th Armored Division in The European Theater of Operations 1945” with photographs and maps
  • “The History of Homer William Adams (his brother who served in the U.S. Army Air Corps) and His Wife Mary Madeline Tune”
  • A cloth-bound notebook with notes and papers used by his brother, Homer W. Adams, while serving in the U.S. Army Air Corps

Received 9/3/01

  • His memoir, “Remembrances from 1941”
  • A copy of Special Orders 129, June 2, 1941, calling the graduating Reserve Officers of the Field Artillery School at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, to active duty

Robert E. Ames

Received 5/7/01

  • The story of “U.S.S. Estes – Flag Ship, Amphibious Group 1, Iwo Jima, February 16 to March 4, 1945” with photographs.

Received 5/17/01

  • World War II memoir, “U.S.S. Estes-Flag Ship, Amphibious Group 1, Germany – Iwo Jima – Philippines, February 16th to March 4th, 1945, World War II, War and International News, Robert E. Ames”

Col. C. E. Anderson

Received 5/2/01

  • A copy of his book, “To Fly and Fight, Memoirs of a Triple Ace.”

James A. Anderson, Jr.

Received 6/12/01

  • A book: personal stories with photographs.

Lt. Cmdr. Vernon T. Atkinson

Received 9/24/01

  • His World War II memoir, “Brothers In Service and Faith,” detailing his military service and that of his brother in the South Pacific

Helen M. Bailey

Received 6/13/00

  • A copy of an article, “World War II – 50 Years After,” published in the Newsletter of the Society For History in the Federal Government, Fall 1993. NOTE: Mrs. Bailey worked in General Marshall’s office when he was Chief of Staff.

Received 5/7/01

  • “The Office of The Chief of Staff, U.S. Army, In World War II: A Memoir by Helen McShane Bailey,” detailing her years in the Office of the Chief of Staff (General Marshall), with copies of newspaper clippings on the 50th Anniversary of the Pentagon, and the obituary of Marian Bailey who worked in the Pentagon for 60 years.

John Z. Balla

Received 2/21/01

  • 2 copies of an article in the Asbury Park Press of May 2000, “Lakewood Man Cited for Service in Korea” (John Z. Balla)
  • 2 copies of an article in the Leader Review of June 2000, “Brick Honors Korean War Vets” (including John Z. Balla)
  • A copy of your Honorable Discharge from the U.S. Army on 8 May 1953, and a copy of the Report of Separation
  • 2 copies of a letter, June 6, 2000, inviting you to the Opening Ceremony for the 50th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration in Washington, DC
  • A copy of a letter which approves of your request for the award of the New Jersey Distinguished Service Medal, dated March 29, 1999
  • 2 copies of an article, “Member Receives Medal,” VFW Post 8867, Brick, NJ
  • (Distinguished Service Medal) on April 21, 1999 (John Z. Balla)
  • A copy of the Distinguished Service Medal Citation
  • A copy of the U.S.-Korean 2000 Foundation, Inc. Database Form
  • A letter, program cover, and VFW Certificate of Excellence from the 40th
  • Annual Officers Training Institute, Sea Girt, NJ, September 2000

Received 3/9/01

  • A copy of a certificate of recognition to John Z. Balla, on the 50th Anniversary of the Korean War, from the mayor of Brick Township, New Jersey

Joseph D. Beam, Jr.

Received 12/18/00

  • His World War II memoir of his service with the 15th Air Force; a recommendation form signed by Captain Othmar A. J. Kemper, Air Corps; a photograph of him receiving the Distinguished Flying Cross in April 1945, in Foggia, Italy; a brief memoir of his service in Korea, and an information form regarding his service in Korea, 1951-52.

Harry S. Birnbaum

Received 5/30/00

  • A letter from General Marshall to Mrs. Rose Birnbaum, Jan 27, 1944
  • A letter from Henry L. Stimson to Mrs. Rose Birnbaum, Aug 24, 1942
  • A letter from Major A. E. Sommer to Mrs. Rose Birnbaum, Aug 24, 1942
  • A letter from Harry Birnbaum to “Dear folks” – March 31, 1944
  • A letter from Morris Birnbaum to family, April 16, 1942
  • A postcard from Harry Birnbaum to “Dear Ma” – Sept. 20, 1944, France
  • A photograph of Ben and Harry Birnbaum, Germany, July 1945
  • A photograph of soldiers in Hawaii, May 1942, including Morris Birnbaum.

Norman A. Black, Maj. USAF (Ret)

Received 8/10/01

  • His World War II story, “My Most Unforgettable Character – 1st Lt. Glen L. McSparran” – 483rd Bomb Group – Northern Italy – May 24, 1944

Ross M. Blake, Col. USAF (Ret)

Received 8/27/01

  • His article, “Thanks For The Memories, a WWII Odyssey,” which appeared in the Scott Air Force Base Retiree Report, 2001, covering his experiences as a B-17 bomber pilot and a prisoner of war in Germany

Virgil C. Blumhorst

Received 6/19/00

  • A copy of his 122-page memoir, “My Brown Suit – A Story of One Soldier’s Experiences During Wold War II,” including copies of photographs and service records.

Samuel Bradlyn (Lt. Col. Ret)

Received 8/13/01

  • His story recounting his first-hand experience at the bombing of Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941, copies of newspaper clippings about his military service, a copy of Special Orders No. 316, 15 December 1941, ordering him to active duty in the Air Corps, and a copy of “Celebration For Heroes and Heroines,” featuring a story about his flight to Canton Island in October 1942

Robert S. Brandt

Received 6/19/00

  • A copy of Mr. Brandt’s 11-page memoir, “LST 309 – The Purple People Eater;” a copy of an article, “LST 309 Remembered at Omaha Beach Museum;” and a copy of an article, “LST 309 – The Purple People Eater” from the May/June 1994 issue of LST Scuttlebutt.

Mrs. Paul W. (Helen) Brown

Received 8/7/00

  • A World War II Memoir, “Remembrances: Paul Wesley Brown and Helen Page Brown”

James H. Burke

Received 7/24/01

  • His World War II Memoirs: “299th Engineer Combat Battalion, Battle History,
  • Battle of the Bulge – 16 December 1944 to 25 December 1944″
  • “The Famous 299th Engineer Combat Battalion” – (Soft Cover)
  • “Utah Beach Revisited – Revisited in Terms of Historical Accuracy, That Is” (An Unpublished Magazine Article)

Received 7/13/01

  • A copy of an article by Chuck Hurlbut, “True Accounts of World War II – 9 Lives:
  • An Oral History, Chapter 3, 299th Engineer Combat Battalion”

Colonel Martin J. Burke, Jr.

Received 8/20/01

  • His World War II memoir, “‘Memoirs of a Liberator’ – Anecdotes of the 14th Armored Division”

Virginia (DeLaney) Campbell

Her memoir as a World War II Army nurse, plus the following items:

Not sure of date received originally. Edited January 2001

  • A carbon copy of a Medical Report, 21 November 1944
  • A copy of Special Orders No. 46, 22 February 1945
  • A copy of Special Orders No. 22, 6 March 1945
  • A copy of a Pay and Allowance Account for Mary V. DeLaney, April 1945
  • A copy of a Property Issue Slip, 307th General Hospital, Fort Benning, GA
  • A 201 File Medical Listing
  • An Ophthalmologic Examination Report, 307th General Hospital, March 1945
  • Special Orders No.177, Fort Benning, Georgia, 24 July 1945 (8 copies)
  • Certificate of Clearance, Fort Benning, Georgia, 1 August 1945
  • A copy of File 625 for Termination of Quarters, 1 August 1945
  • A small pamphlet on “Possible Enemy Chemical Warfare Agents”
  • 2 copies of Temporary Appointment in Army, 8 December 1944
  • A copy of Statement of Service signed by Mary V. DeLaney
  • A copy of “Completion of Chemical Warfare Training, 11 January 1945
  • Official Certificate of Commission into the Army for Mary Virginia DeLaney
  • A copy of “Restricted Symbols” – 7 December 1944
  • Graduation Certificate, Nurses Basic Training, Fort Meade, Md. 11 Jan 1945
  • A copy of Special Orders No. 44, 13 February 1945
  • A copy of Certificate of Clearance, 27 February 1945
  • 2 copies of Termination of Quarters, 28 February 1945
  • A small cut-out picture of an LCI (Landing Craft-Infantry)
  • A color postcard of San Miguel Brewery, Polo, Bulacan, Philippines
  • A cut-out picture of a P-38 plane, with World War II ace, Capt. Richard Bong
  • A cut-out picture of a C-46 Commando plane, workhorse of the “Hump”

Received 2/9/01

  • A small model of the Lockheed P38J Lightning plane used in World War II; a small model of a hospital ship used in World War II; and a small model of an evacuation Army helicopter.

Received 2/9/01

  • A small model of the Lockheed P38J Lightning plane used in World War II;
  • small model of a hospital ship used in World War II; and a small model of an evacuation Army helicopter.

Received 5/1/01

Some examples of Igorot Philippine art and handwork, souvenirs from her military service (Army Nurse Corps) in the Philippines during World War II:

  • 6 white embroidered lady’s handkerchiefs
  • a table cover and napkin made of pineapple cloth
  • wooden figurine of warrior with spear
  • wooden figurine of warrior with war ax
  • wooden figurine of warrior with spear and war ax
  • round glass float in net (banca)
  • small wooden bowl with tall handle of 2 carved warriors

Grady Carroll

Received 8/6/01

  • His wife’s World War II War Ration Book, issued in the name of Betty Sherrill Simmons, at Polkton, North Carolina.

Received 8/7/01

  • A copy of the “GI Bill of Rights” article in the August 4, 1996 issue of Parade Magazine

Received 8/15/01

  • Copies of the May 2000, October 2000, and December 2000 editions of “Hellcat News,” published by the 12th Armored Division Association, and a brochure entitled “Share The Past To Shape The Future” on the 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum in Abilene Texas

William J. Cavanaugh

Received 8/1/01

  • A copy of an article in the November 1999 issue of Yankee Magazine, “A Hero Rewarded” (Re HM3 Joseph F. Keenan – Cavanaugh’s cousin)
  • A copy of an article in the July-August 1999 issue of Navy Medicine, “Command Awards Navy Cross for Heroism in a Forgotten War” (Re HM3 Joseph F. Keenan – Cavanaugh’s cousin)
  • A copy of “Posthumous Nomination of HM3 Joseph F. Keenan, USN For the Navy Cross”

Robert W. Christie, M.D.

Received 8/14/01

  • His fictionalized World War II memoir, “Fate’s Finger” – (21 Chapters)

Dick Colbeth

Received 5/25/00

  • 9 photographs of James Vincent McGlone, who flew planes in France in 1918, during WW I, along with a letter of explanation from his foster son, Dick Colbeth

Received 6/13/00

  • 4 additional photos of his foster father – WW I era

Milton Conger

Received 9/21/00

  • His World War II memoir, “The Personal Written Narrative of Private First Class Milton Conger,” with photographs.

Charles Harris Coulbourne, Jr.

Received 8/6/01

  • Copies of newspaper articles from The Baltimore Sun, January/February 1943, “Service Men To Be Honored,” “Six Who ‘Just Waited for End After Torpedoing Landed Here,’” “Baltimoreans, 5 Others Drift 15 Days in Boat”
  • A copy of a letter of January 11, 1943, from Gunner’s Mate, 2nd Class, Charles Harris Coulbourne, Jr., to his mother, relating his story of being torpedoed and cast adrift in a lifeboat
  • A page of additional information from Mrs. Dexter about her brother
  • Copies of photographs of Charles Harris Coulborne, Jr., and his Gunner’s Mate, 2nd Class insignia
  • A copy of a poem, “The First Year on the Funston” by Lt. (jg.) Hugh E. Dunn, USNR, April 24, 1944

Austin Cox

Received 9/28/00

  • His World War II history, a photograph of him taken in 1943, and a copy of news articles about him from the “Baltimore Sun,” on the 55th Anniversary of D-Day.

Mary M. Curry

Received 11 May 2000

  • A Norman Rockwell Book of World War II paintings; the D-Day Prayer on parchment; a V-Mail letter, and photographs of her husband’s experiences during World War II

Received 6/29/00

  • a book, “Marines At War,” edited by Aimee Crane, and 6 framed photographs of WW II Generals Mervin Silvertown (autographed), Franklin Hart, Clayton Jerome (autographed), Alfred M. Grunther, (autographed), Randy Pate, and O. P. Smith.

George E. Davis

Received 8/2/01

  • His short recollection, “A True Okinawa Story.”

LTC. Angel D. Dayot (Ret.)

Received 6/19/00

  • A copy of his 31-page memoir, “Most Amazing Adventures of a WW II Combat- Wounded Veteran,” including copies of news articles, photographs, and service records.

John Delulio

Received 7/25/00

  • Letters and a poem from WWII
  • An Ike Jacket belonging to Albert F. Delulio, US Army
  • An Army Cap belonging to Albert F. Delulio
  • Folded Casket Flag, Albert F. Delulio, 1915-1969
    (Returned to Mr. Delulio’s sister, Donata Delulio, 9/13/00 – at her request)
  • A miniature hand-made outrigger canoe from an island in the Pacific, probably Saipan, gift of Albert F. Delulio to his son, John Delulio
  • A model airplane, P-47, used in anti-aircraft identification training, gift of Albert F. Delulio to his son, John Delulio
  • A jungle knife and belt, used by Albert F. Delulio in the Pacific
  • Blue uniform cord, possibly from National Guard uniform of Albert F. Delulio
  • 2 Photographs: Albert F. Delulio, wife Vivian, and children, John and Donata; Soldiers somewhere in the Pacific, including Albert F. Delulio (1945)
  • A packet of letters from Albert F. Delulio to his father, John J. Delulio, in Torrington, Connecticut (1945)
  • 3 packets of letters from Albert F. Delulio to his wife and children (1945)
  • A packet of letters from Albert F. Delulio to wife and children, misc. dates
  • A folder of World War II ration books and stamps
  • A folder of miscellaneous World War II Army pamphlets and manuals
  • 2 Life magazines, dated September 25, 1939, and November 8, 1943

Rebecca M. Denny (Mrs. Collins Denny)

Received 8/22/00

  • Copies of photos, news articles, and certificates associated with the American National Red Cross Motor Corps during World War II, working out of Richmond, VA.

Received 9/6/00

  • A typed 30-page History of the American Red Cross Motor Corps during World War II in Richmond, VA; copies of “Motor Corps News” of August and September 1945; a December 7, 1945 letter to Executive Director, Richmond Chapter American Red Cross, from Robert W. Douglass, Jr., Major General, U.S. Army Commanding; and a November 7, 1942 letter to Mr. H. G. Boykin, Chairman, Executive Board, American Red Cross, Richmond Chapter, from Mrs. Collins Denny, Jr.

Robert B. Dexter

Received 3/12/01

  • A copy of a picture of the U.S.S. Lansdowne DD 486 with a copy of a picture of Robert B. Dexter
  • A Compact History of Lansdowne DD 486 with maps
  • A copy of a letter to Robert Burton Dexter from Harry S. Truman
  • A copy of a letter to Robert Burton Dexter from James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy, dated June 27, 1946
  • A copy of the Roster of Desron 12, the Destroyer unit the Lansdowne was assigned to, noting battles, unit citations, losses
  • A copy of a Brief History of Desron 12
  • 8 pages of copies of photographs of the Lansdowne DD 486 – 1942
  • A copy of an article, “Surrender in Tokyo Bay,” by Robert B. Dexter
  • A copy of the Instrument of Surrender, Tokyo Bay, Japan, September 2, 1945
  • A copy of The Lansdowne News for September 3, 1945
  • A copy of “Lansdowne Men – Tokyo Bay – Surrender Day 2 SEP 1945”
  • A copy of “A World War II Sea Story” by Robert B. Dexter
  • A copy of an Action Report for the U.S.S. Lansdowne, September 22, 1942
  • A copy of an article from The Lansdowne News of August 30, 1945 – “The First Congingent of Allied Prisoners Safe on Ships”
  • A copy of a New York Times article, “When the Third Fleet Met the Great Typhoon” – December 16, 1951 – Received 2/26/01
  • A copy of his separation papers from the US Navy
  • A copy of a “Short History of USS Lansdowne DD-486 (“The Lucky L”)

Col. Lawrence E. Dickerson, Jr.

  • Received 8/16/01
  • His Korean War memories, articles he wrote as a Marine combat correspondent in Korea – 1st Marine Division

Joseph L. Dinella

Received 5/25/00

  • A photocopy of the printed History of the 788th Field Artillery Battalion; a copy of the November 30, 1945 edition of “Bars and Gripes,” newspaper of the 788th F.A. Bn.; Honorable Discharge papers of Joseph L. Dinella, 31 May 1946, with a photocopy of his VFW membership card for 1989; 1 photograph with writing on the back: V-J Day in the Field, P. Tripoli (R), Wm. McKenna (L), Sieglsberg, Germany; 1 photograph with writing on the back: After retreat, Guildorf, Germany, June 1945 (Pictured L to R): B. Winn (Mass), A. Kolonick (Mich), M. Parelli (Conn), R. Scott (Ill), J. Spliak (Penn), M. Braunstein (NY); kneeling – W. McKenna (Ill); 2 photocopies of photos of Cathedral at Ulm and adjacent streets, 1945

W. Magruder Drake

Received 9/25/00

  • His memoir, “W. Magruder Drake in World War II.”

Dr. William H. Duncan

Received 9/17/01

  • Delaware Medical Journal, June 1994, Special Commemorative Issue 50th Anniversary of D-Day, June 6, 1944, which includes his article, “Reflections on World War II, Part I”
  • Delaware Medical Journal, December 1994, Special Commemorative Issue
  • 50th Anniversary of The Battle of the Bulge, December 1944, which includes his article, “Reflections on World War II, Part II”
  • Delaware Medical Journal, June 2000, The War In Korea – 50th Anniversary, which includes his article, “Reflections on the War in Korea, Part I”
  • Delaware Medical Journal, July 2000, The War in Korea – 50th Anniversary which includes his article, “Reflections on the War in Korea, Part II”

George M. Dunn

Received 11/14/00

  • His Diary, kept while aboard the Navy transport, USS McCracken, en-route to the Battle of Okinawa

Richard H. Durst

Received 5/29/00

  • A book in Icelandic, “Styrjaldararin a Sudurland” with an English translation; 2 pamphlets on the activities of Company G, 11th Infantry, and 2nd Battalion, 11th Infantry; and photographs.

Stewart Epley

Received 12/14/00

  • Eight issues of Air Force Magazine from November 1944 through November 1945, and three WWII era maps of Mt. Fugi, Guam, and the Marianas Islands

Robert C. Farmer, Jr.

Received 8/8/01

  • A story about his father, Second Lieutenant Robert Charles Farmer, Eighth U.S. Army Air Force, who served as a bombardier on a B-17F (“Flying Fortress”) lost in combat on May 1, 1943.

Kennard D. Fearing

Received 8/8/01

  • Two Korean War stories: “My Korean Experience I – Waking Up The Dead” and “My Korean Experience 2 – Chinese Phone Call”

Jack F. Fick

Received 6/15/00

  • A typed 6-page memoir of his experiences as a Japanese interpreter in the Marine Corps; 1 Philippines Peso (paper money); 10 Japanese bills of various denominations (paper money); His certification paper in Basic Oral Japanese, 16 October-25 December, 1944; A division Intelligence Pass dated 1 March 1945; Your Official Examiner” card; A small paper in English and Japanese – “United States Navy, Military Government”; A pass to Headquarters, Camp Susupe, dated 4 August 1945; 8 black and white photographs of various Japanese locations; 7 Japanese post cards; the Western Union telegram to his father notifying him that he was wounded in action 13 August 1944, and a newspaper clipping of “War Casualties” with his name under “Wounded” – mounted on a black card, with 2 photographs and a Battalion Mess Officer “Early Chow” pass on the reverse side.

Charlie K. Field

Received 2/8/01

  • His book, “Captain’s Talker, The Story of the USS Thomas, A Hunter-Killer in World War II.”

Colonel Paul C. Fritz

Received 11/28/00

  • Copies of three articles describing his Korean war-time experiences: “Those Wonderful Gooney Birds of Frozen Chosin,” “Parachutes Over Sunchon,” and “Multiple Legacies of Chosin Reservoir”

Joseph Garofalo

Received 7/11/00

  • A biographical sketch with photographs, “Report of Activities of the 121st Naval Construction Battalion During The Assaults on Saipan and Tinian Islands, The Marianas,” 11 pages of personal experience stories, and three photographs: March 1944, Jap Flag Captured At Namur, Kwajalein; Joseph Garofalo, Tinian Island 1944; and Tinian Island 1994, 50th Anniversary of the Atomic Bomb Pit

Received 5/22/01

  • “The Following Tragic and Humorous Stories Took Place on the Island of Tinian, 1944-1945”

Col. Martin Gemoets

Received 8/6/01

  • His paperback book, “A Short Story of War – 1944-45 – In France and Germany”

Leonard A. Gibson

Received 6/26/00

  • His memoir, “In Harm’s Way at Bogota,” relating his experiences as a member of the Honor Guard guarding Secretary of State George C. Marshall in Bogota, Colombia, April 1948; Secretary Marshall’s Commendation to the Delegates; the Certificate appointing Gibson as a delegate to the conference; the invitation to a reception at the President of Colombia’s residence on 9 April 1948, the day of the Revolution; the invitation to a reception at the Centro Colombo-Americano establishment that was to take place on 10 April 1948; calling cards received from the Secretary of the Delegation from Guatemala and Mr. David M. Clark, Commercial Attache of the U.S. Embassy in Bogota; a copy of Gibson’s retirement orders, and a copy of his last issued DD Form 214.

Joseph N. Gorra

Received 10/12/00

  • His memoir, “December Odyssey,” detailing events of December 1944 between the German and Allied Armies.

Chaplain Frank Griepp

Received 12/8/00

  • A copy of his book, “The Circuit-Riding Combat Chaplain,” by Frank Griepp, The Chaplain of the Seventh Cavalry Regiment in the Korean War

David Grosvenor

Received 10/24/00

  • An audio-tape of an interview recorded in 1998 with his father, Bill Grosvenor, who was a P47 pilot in World War II and a POW in Belgium, plus copies of 27 photographs of Bill Grosvenor, planes, buddies, etc.

Fred L. Hadsel

Received 2/8/01

  • His World War II memoir, “A Summary Narrative of the Service of Fred L. Hadsel, in the United States Army, 1942-1946.”

Deborah E. Hall

Received 8/22/00

  • A packet of color photos from her Army service (Peace Time) in Korea, including a visit by President Reagan, 1985-86.

Dick Halseth

Received 6/15/01

  • Five short biographies which he wrote of World War II veterans who were honored by the Rockbridge County Veterans’ Memorial in Lexington, Virginia, in November 2000: Louis S. Armentrout, William R. “Dick” Cubbins, Leonard Fox, George R. C. Fox, and James C. Kidd.

Jack Harris

Received 8/2/01

  • His Korean War memoir, “Ode to a Fighter Photo Pilot – The Saga at Chongjin.”

Mary Harvey

Received 4/3/01 – (Mrs. Harvey worked with General Marshall in the Pentagon during WWII.)

  • A videotape, “Mary Harvey, W.A.C. Interview, Conducted by Sarah Harvey, January 9, 2001.”

Walter S. Hern, Jr.

Received 8/9/01

  • “A World War II Memoir by Walter S. Hern, Jr., August-November 1944,” – his “Escape and Evasion Memoir”

Donald E. Hillman

Received 4/17/01

  • His 31-page, typewritten World War II memoir, and a copy of a page from The American Fighter Aces Book with his photograph and service history in the Army Air Corps, 365th Fighter Group and 9th Air Force.

Charles F. Hinds

Received 5/25/00

  • An autographed copy of the book, “Patton Trooper,” by Charles F. Hinds. He is a former State Historian, Archivist, and Librarian for Kentucky, and knew Forrest Pogue well.

Lt. Cmdr. Charles M. Hine

Received – 4/6/01

  • His story, “Pearl Harbor – December 7, 1941 – Revisited,” with copies of two photographs of him, “Boot Camp Sept. 1939” and “Retirement, Sept. 1964,” and copies of the postcard sent to his parents on December 8, 1941.

Larry Hochfeld

Received 5/11/01

  • His Korean War memoir detailing his service with the 504th Transportation Truck Company.

James E. Hodges

Received 3/6/01

  • A World War II memories collection, “American Patriots, WW-II, 1941 to 1945” by James E. Hodges, 111th Engineers, 36th Infantry Division, U.S. Army, featuring the memoirs of twenty-one World War II veterans and civilians of that era.

Received 4/2/01 and 4/6/01

  • Nine videotaped World War II interviews with: Arthur Albert Emil Bleimeyer, Jr. “G” Company, 2nd Btn. 272nd Regt., 69th Inf. Div. – (with transcript) 1st Sgt. Elroy Herbert Boysen, Army Serial #208-03-294, “K” Co. 141st Inf. Regt. 36th Inf. Div. Nov. 25, 1940 to July 6, 1945 – (with transcript) Carl P. Curry, 1st Sgt. “G” Co. 143rd Inf. Regt. 36th Inf. Div. Also 2nd Lt. 29th Inf. Div. D-Day Landing, Normandy, June 6, 1944 – (no transcript) James Woodrow Farrar, ASN-380-50-623, “E” Battery, 131st FA, 36th Inf. Div. P.O.W. Japan – (with transcript) James E. Hodges, ASN-RA-208-18-267, CO “F”, 2nd Btn. 111th Engrs. Regt. 36th Inf. Div. Nov. 25, 1940 to Dec. 6, 1948 – (with transcript) James and Cora Hodges, WW II Lecture to Students at Travis Elem. School, April 17, 1998, on Living Conditions in the Army and Civilian Life (no transscript) Father Bernard Roemer, Chaplain, 36th Infantry Division (no transcript) Orvil Joe Stevens, Headquarters Co. 3rd Btn. 143rd Inf. Regt. 36th Inf. Div. – (no transcript) Richard W. Wharton, Chief Warrant Officer, 141st Inf. Regt. 36th Inf. Div. Writes of the Liberation of Landsberg Concentration Camp, Germany, April 1945

Received 4/10/01

  • Three videotaped World War II interviews with: Richard and Irma Jenke – WW II Experiences U.S. Navy Submarine Service, P.T. O. (with transcript) Paul Lewis Montgomery, Army Serial #384-15-553,f Private First Class, U.S. Army Infantry (with transcript) Victor F. VanDeventer, Medical Tech, 35th Field Hosp. Italy WW II (with transcript)

Received 4/16/01

  • A Videotape of the John H. Reagan WW II Memorial, Formation, Planning, Construction, and Dedication, November 7, 1999, Houston, Texas

William M. Holden

Received 6/8/00

  • A Memoir entitled “From Cairo to Paris: A Soldier’s Lost Battle to Join World War II” as published in the June 5, 1994 issue of The Sacramento Bee.

Winfield Clary Holt

(In our holdings and transferred to Memories files)

  • His memoir, “Winfield Clary Holt, Virginia Military Institute AB ‘35 – UNC Law School JD – ‘38, Colonel United States Army, (Act. & Res.) – ‘35-’65”

Lt. Colonel Bruce R. Hoon

Received 11/14/00

  • “A Tribute to Veterans Day & the Veterans” – sent by e-mail, a copy of a letter Colonel Hoon had received, dated 7 November 2000. Contains stories of the six marines depicted in the Iwo Jima Memorial, as recited by the son of one of them who was at the memorial in Washington, D.C.

Seymour Horowitz

Received 6/8/00

  • A story-letter about his experiences aboard the USS Calamus AOG25, in 1945; and 4 8 x 10 photos of the aftermath of the typhoon that struck Okinawa on October 8/9, 1945.

William A. Hudson

Received 8/22/00

His memoir, “Once A Marine, Always A Marine, A Personal Military History, United States Marine Corps, World War II, 1943-46.”

Gerald S. Hunter

Received 1/10/01

  • His memoir, “My Story – One Glorious Adventure, 1916 A.D. to 2000 A.D., An Autobiography By Gerald S. Hunter, J.D.” Copies made of the introductory pages and pages 56-124, describing his military service with the 4th Fighter Group of the 8th Army Air Force from June 1942 to September 1945.

Received 1/29/01

  • A copy of his Honorable Discharge from the Army on 28 September 1945; a copy of the article, “Pilot Duo Devastates Enemy;” copies of articles on Hall of Fame for Aviation inductions; a copy of photos of the 65th Fighter Wing at the Anglo-American Memorial at Saffron Walden, Essex; a copy of an article, “Boogie Woogie Fly Boy, The Story of Major Pierce McKennon of the 4th Fighter Group,” with copies of photographs.

Warren H. Hutchens

Received 10/11/00

  • His memoir, “World War II Memoirs of Warren Hutchens,” detailing his experiences at Pearl Harbor and other key war-time locations.

Paul R. Ignatius

Received 6/12/01

  • A copy of pages 121-156 from his book, “Now I Know In Part: Stories of My Growing Up,” which details his service with the U.S. Navy, 1942-1946.

Kalman N. Isaacs

Received 6/19/00

  • A copy of his story recounting his experiences on Omaha Beach, June 9, 1944.

Richard E. Jaffe

Received 8/6/01

  • His Korean War memoirs: A copy of an article, “An FO’s Perspective of Pork Chop Hill,” from the February 1989 issue of Forward Observer, The Newsletter of the US Field Artillery Association, and a copy of his OCS Hall of Fame certificate from Fort Sill, Oklahoma, 26 May 1995.

Jack Jimerson (Robert J.)

Received 11/28/00

  • A Department of the Army Authorization for issuance of Awards to Jimerson, Robert J., for Honorable Service Lapel Button WWII and Sharpshooter Badge w/Carbine Bar, dated April 26, 1984
  • A letter from William G. Smith, Dept. Service Officer, Veterans of Foreign Wars, dated September 10, 1945, to Robert J. Jimerson, concerning disability for tropical skin disease
  • A carbon copy of a Memorandum, dated 29 October 1943, listing men for guard duty, including Robert J. Jimerson as Corporal of the Guard
  • A copy of Special Orders No. 279, dated 13 October 1943, from Headquarters Panama Canal Department, Quarry Heights, CZ, listing men available for reassignment, including Robert J. Jimerson

Cynthia Crane Johnson

Received 3/19/01

  • Her father’s World War II memories, “W. W. II War Stories by Robert P. Crane.” (Bombardier in a B-29 Superfortress) – Referred to Memories Project by Theodore J. Sieviec