SC 119896, Army Rations

Date: April 3, 1941

Physical Description:

8x10 black and white

Subjects: World War II

Army ration of different periods is demonstrated by soldiers from Ft. Slocum under the supervision of Mary Barber, Food Consultant to the USQM Corps. L to R: Revolutionary War– Pfc. Clarence Strickland from Atlanta, Ga. War of 1812– Sgt. Paul Lasur from Pittsburg, Pa. Mexican War– Sgt. Frank Carlovitz from Boston, Mass. Civil War– Pfc Karle Sheaffer from Brooklyn, Ny. Spanish American War– Charles Kaplovitz from Brooklyn, Ny. World War– Corp. Edward Wadyko from Natrona, Pa. Modern Army– pvt. Edward J. Larkin from Philadelphia, Pa. and Miss Barber


Location: Vault
Call No. SC 119896

Language: english