September 05, 1917 – French Peasants

Date: September 5, 1917

Subjects: World War I

September 5, 1917

But I’m not going to make fun of the French peasants gestures, for I shall have to admit that my conversation with the natives takes on the appearance of a Jewish political rally.  After all, the sign language, though the most primitive, is really the most universal.

And now let me tell you my honest opinion of the French peasants.

I have often heard in speeches or read in books of the living conditions of the French peasants.  But somehow or other, my sympathies have been some what withdrawn since I have come to know them personally.

The war, and the economic conditions of the county, may be to blame for their working in the fields seven days a week…but no one can tell me that the economic conditions of the county or the war is to blame living and eating like a lot of pigs.  It is not responsible for their eating, living and sleeping in the same room with a horde of so-called household pets, such as lambs, rabbits, chickens, cats and dogs, when at the same time there are generally two or more, well furnished but unused rooms…this one room is foul smelling, dirty, ill kept and unventilated…Since seeing this condition I have tried to find out the reason, and the conclusion that I have reached…is the fact that they have been brought up for generations on wine instead of water.



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