GCM01197 The Marshall-Coles Wedding Party

Date: February 11, 1902

Physical Description:

Photographic print. 8" x 10". original envelope contents: 3 negatives, 3 photographic prints of various sizes, 1 print mounted, handwritten note.

The Marshall-Coles wedding party poses on the front porch of the bride’s Lexington home, where the Episcopal ceremony took place. Left to right are Marie Singer (George’s sister), Elizabeth Carter (“Lily”) Coles, George C. Marshall, Jr., Stuart (George’s brother), Mr. and Mrs. (Laura Bradford) George C. Marshall, Sr., and Mrs.(Lizzy P.) Walter Coles.

Though the bride was dressed in white and the ceremony performed by the pastor of the Episcopal Church, the Reverend R. J. McBryde, there was little formality in the gathering of family and friends. They say in Lexington that the guests and the bride and groom chatted a few moments in the parlor and then Lily turned to the young lieutenant and said, “Come on, George, let’s get married.”

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Location: Vault
Call No. GCM01197