Answer Their Prayers / American Relief for Holland

Author:  Douglass Crockwell (American, 1904-1968)
Publisher: American Relief for Holland

Physical Description:

1 Poster: Color;

Subject: World War II

A Dutch girl in traditional dress sits at a table, hands folded in prayer, with a small piece of bread in front of her. Ruins in the background are painted with windmills and a break in the ruins reveals the caption: “Answer Their Prayers.” “American Relief for Holland Member Agency – National War Fund” is printed along the bottom of the image.

Crockwell won a gold medal from the Art Director’s Club in 1946 for this illustration.

USA; lithograph on paper; Published by America Relief for Holland, 1945.

Currently on display.



Location: Vault
Dimensions: 56 x 36 cm
Holding ID: 438

Language: english
Countries: United States