You are now cut off!


Physical Description:

1 Leaflet: Black and White

Subject: American Expeditionary Forces

Ihr seid jetzt abgeschnitten


Obverse : To avoid useless bloodshed, this leaflet will be delivered to you. You are now cut off. You fought bravely, but from now on you can achieve nothing more by continuing to fight. You have to give up, or die. You recognize the situation. now to act accordingly. everyone must decide for themselves. There is no time to lose. Come in small groups – no more than 5 – unarmed, coupling or helmet down. Hands up, swinging this note or a handkerchief.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Reverse (English): Treatment of prisoners of war 1. decent treatment is promised to you by the Geneva Convention. you are treated as a soldier. 2. Good meals – namely exactly the same that we, the best fed army in the world. 3. hospital care is modern and first class – the same as that of our own troops. 4. Write opportunities. you can write home about a month 4 letters and 4 cards.   5. salary. Save 80 ¢ per day for services you will receive the usual $ 3 per month. 6. training. Numerous educational and training courses are held in all Originating camps. 7. After the war – as soon as possible return home.


Location: Vault
Holding ID: ZG 38

Language: english, german
Countries: Germany