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An unlikely band of information hunters—librarians, archivists, and scholars—came together during World War II, their war effort centered on collecting books and documents. They gathered enemy publications in the spy-ridden cities of Stockholm and Lisbon, searched for records in liberated Paris and the rubble of Berlin, seized Nazi works from bookstores and schools, and unearthed […]

To General Malin Craig June 1, 1939 Bello Horizante, Brazil Dear Chief: Your radio of May 29th reached me here in the mountains last night.1 Thanks for the news and especially for the greeting. I have been traveling since last Wednesday, six days ago—all by air, with a very strenuous program everywhere and a devilish […]



Winning the War with Women, May 28,
Author: Wilkins, Kimberly Beth
Collection: ,

Women on the Home Front During World War II

The campaign of the advertising industry, United States government and mass media which redefined the role of women during World War II.