At the Foot of the Mountains


Subject: Marshall Plan

Sound (English), b&w, 12 min. The wealth of the Piedmont region of Italy lies in the mountains. Iron mines aid the defense effort. The “eternal snows” provide a vast water supply. The turbulent water flows through pipes to hydroelectric plants that produce electricity – more electricity than is produced in any other region in Italy. Among the many industries powered by this electricity is papermaking, an industry that has been revived by loans from, and cooperation with, the U.S., to raise output and lower costs. In the plains below the foothills, Turin is a city of tradition with a strong belief in progress and science, the latter demonstrated by an experimental television station. In Turin’s vast automobile manufacturing plants, great improvements in productivity and cost-cutting have been made possible by American aid. Production on a more massive scale at lower cost is being based on the American model. No date given; probably produced between 1948-54. Produced by Phoenix Films, probably for ECA or MSA


Call No. Marshall Plan Films Tape 1
Language: english