AMVETS Silver Helmet

Today’s artifact is a silver-plated helmet with a strap, mounted on a horseshoe-shaped walnut base.  A plaque on the base reads ON THE OCCASION OF ITS 10TH ANNIVERSARY/ AMVETS/ SALUTES/ GENERAL OF THE ARMY GEORGE C. MARSHALL/ SOLDIER STATESMAN AMERICAN.  It was presented to George C. Marshall on December 10, 1954 in Washington, D.C. commemorating the 10th anniversary of the founding of the American Veterans of WWII and Korea (AMVETS).

During the presentation, President Eisenhower said, “As a soldier, statesman, and citizen, General Marshall has rendered to our country service of unexcelled distinction and patriotism. His life is an example of integrity and devotion to duty. In honoring him, you bring new distinction on your organization (AMVETS).”