The Marshall Plan Mural

As early as 1963, the George C. Marshall Research Library had been negotiating with the National Academy of Design for a mural to be placed in the building as a contribution from the Abbey Mural Fund. Named after Edwin Austin Abbey, a renowned muralist who died in 1911, the Fund was established by Abbey’s widow, […]

Marshall in 30 Objects Staff Pick: Object #7 Books

I love the books from George Marshall’s personal library the Marshall in 30 Objects exhibit. Of course I would; I’m a librarian. Marshall was not always a big reader — it wasn’t until he attended the Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., in 1906 that then-Lt. Marshall realize the importance of reading to learning. He […]

Marshall’s Hands

Our vote for “strangest” artifact is a pair of Marshall’s hands. These were cast in plaster by American sculptor Bryant Baker in 1957. Baker was most famous for his bronze sculpture Pioneer Woman, located in Oklahoma. We know Marshall thought sitting for portraits was a waste of time, so staff have often wondered who convinced […]