Graphite Moderator Block

This block is from the University of Chicago reactor used in the Manhattan Project. Nobel Prize-winning Italian physicist Enrico Fermi managed the University of Chicago reactor. On the afternoon of December 2, 1942 under the abandoned west stands of Stagg Field, the first controlled nuclear reaction occurred. Humankind had controlled energy released from the nucleus […]

James E. Pilgrim Flag

This flag is a recent 100th Infantry Division donation sent to us by James E. Pilgrim, Jr. “My father was a member of the 100th Infantry Division – 3rd Battalion – 397th Infantry Regiment – Headquarters Company – A&P (Ammunition & Pioneering) Platoon. Unfortunately my father passed away in April. The funeral included three soldiers […]

Nurse’s Jacket

World War II Army Nurse Corps jacket belonging to Virginia De Laney Campbell. On each lapel are her U.S. and Army Nurse Corps insignia; the patch on the left shoulder is of the U.S. Army Forces Western Pacific, which was established June 7, 1945, and headquartered in Manila.

American Red Cross Jacket

Since WWII, every president has designated March as Red Cross Month. During WWII Hannah Early Karicofe served with the American Red Cross. She collected these patches from all the outfits visited by her Red Cross unit. Several of her items are also on display in the Marshall Museum’s Red Cross exhibit in the Soldier of […]

Key to New Orleans

This “Key to the City” of New Orleans was presented to George C. Marshall on one of his visits to the Crescent City, probably during Mardi Gras of 1949. The awarding of a key to a city dates back to ancient times when the gate of a walled city could only be accessed by those […]

White Glove Wednesday – Iwo Jima Fragments

Iwo Jima Day was on February 19th. On that day in 1945, Marines invaded the barren Pacific island guarded by Japanese artillery. These Japanese shrapnel fragments were picked up off the deck of the U.S.S. El Dorado at Iwo Jima, Feb. 1945. They are part of the Donald Wilson Collection, which also contains stones from […]

White Glove Wednesday – WWI Doll

A china doll with a cloth body found in a German bunker in 1918. Her native dress consists of a head scarf, a dark green fichu (kerchief worn around the shoulders), and a red skirt with a band of gold braid. The doll is currently on display alongside other bunker items brought home to Lexington […]

White Glove Wednesday – Boy Scouts of America

Chicago businessman and publisher William D. Boyce was trying to find his way through the London fog when a boy appeared and offered to take him to his destination. When they arrived, Boyce tried to tip the boy, but the boy refused and courteously explained that he was a Scout and could not accept payment […]

White Glove Wednesday: WWI Battle Campaign Ribbons

Battle campaign ribbons and handwritten note from the Walton Harris Walker Collection. The note reads: Pinned on flags of 13 Machine Gun Bn – 1919 – by Gen. Pershing in France Walton H. Walker Lt. Col. Walker was part of the 13th Machine Gun Company, Fifth Machine Gun Battalion, Fifth Division and earned two silver […]