White Glove Wednesday – Tea Set

This Victorian-style tea service is a reproduction of the original set made by the Brazilian government for Simone Bolivar as a sign of Brazil’s gratitude to the “Liberator.” This service was reproduced by the Brazilian government as a gift for George C. Marshall and was presented to him in 1939 during his visit there. Each […]

White Glove Wednesday – Rolls Razor

George C. Marshall’s Rolls Razor, judging from when the Greek key pattern first appeared on the case, was manufactured post 1930s in Britain and made of steel from the city of Sheffield. Rolls Razor’s slogan was “The razor that is stropped and honed in its case” because the dual lid case contained a leather strop […]

Museum Week – Candlesticks and Cross

George C. Marshall, who in 1937 was Commander of the 5th Inf. Brig. U.S. Army, at Vancouver Barracks, Washington, organized a plan to recycle and melt down brass knickknacks, fixtures, and shell casings, and mold them into brass candlesticks and a cross for the post church. At this time the church was within an abandoned […]

Museum Week – Marshall’s Tea Cannisters

Two small tin cannisters containing tea with green and yellow labels reading: “Chyuan Shyang Jasmine Tea/Extra choicest Quality/Fragrant and Refreshing/Manufactured in Chyuan Shyang Tea Factory/54 Herng Yang Road/Taipeh Formosa.” Each tin has Chinese symbols on two sides. General Marshall received the tea tins as gifts from Chaing Kai Shek in 1945.

Museum Week – Bruyere Garantie Pipe

Byron Davis served in the 29th Infantry Division in World War II. He was stationed in England, France, and Germany and participated in D-Day. Among the things he carried home are a wooden smoking pipe stamped “Bruyere Garantie” on the bowl. Pipes started being stamped with that during the WWII era when briar was difficult […]

Museum Week – Short Snorter Collection

A short snorter is a banknote which was signed by various persons traveling together or meeting up at different events and records who was met. The tradition was started by bush pilots in Alaska in the 1920’s and subsequently spread through the growth of military and commercial aviation. If you signed a short snorter and […]

Museum Week – German Stamps

James Allen Tyler was a Private First Class in the U.S. Army during World War II. Originally from Princess Anne County near Virginia Beach, Tyler was recruited for service in 1943. He received his basic training at Ft. Eustis, Virginia, and landed in Normandy in 1944, six days after the invasion. Tyler was also a […]

Samurai Sword

What do 800-year-old Japanese swords, a Chinese general, and George C. Marshall have in common? More than you know, probably. The Chinese Nationalist was General Yen Hsi-shan, a warlord who, with American assistance fought the Japanese in Northern China during World War II. In 1946, George C. Marshall was visiting China, and General Yen gave […]

100th Division Patch Blanket

The 100th Division are known as the “Soldiers of the Century.” On March 16th 1945, the soldiers breached the Citadel of Bitche, France, breaking through the fortified Maginot Line France had built along its border with Germany after World War I. The 100th Division liberated the town (one of over 400 they liberated in all), […]

Walther P38 German Pistol

George C. Marshall was presented with many items considered “spoils of war” after the World War II. One special item was given by General Omar Bradley and is housed within its own presentation box. The presentation box has a lock and key and is lined with green velvet. Engraved on the top of the box: […]