Marshall in 30 Objects Staff Pick: Object #7 Books

I love the books from George Marshall’s personal library the Marshall in 30 Objects exhibit.

Object #7 in the “Marshall in 30 Objects” exhibit includes books from his personal library at Dodona Manor, on loan from the George C. Marshall International Center.

Of course I would; I’m a librarian.

Marshall was not always a big reader — it wasn’t until he attended the Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., in 1906 that then-Lt. Marshall realize the importance of reading to learning. He was an avid reader the rest of his life. Both of his homes — Dodona Manor in Virginia, and Liscombe Lodge in North Carolina — had libraries.

George and Katherine relaxing in their library at Dodona Manor, Leesburg, Virginia. GCMF Photo.

Gen. Marshall read widely, as evidenced by the titles in the exhibit.

A Ghost Town on the Yellowstone  — humorous tale of life in 1900s Montana

Alone by Admiral Richard Byrd of his Antarctic experiences

How Prayer Helps Me, Old New Orleans, and my favorite — The Riddle of MacArthur!


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