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Rare are those individuals who shape the course of world events as Marshall did before, during and after World War II. As Army chief of staff during World War II, General Marshall won the war; as secretary of state after the war, he won the peace.No individual better exemplifies the character, skills and determination that made the 20th century, The American Century. No individual better represents those values so necessary in the 21st century.


By becoming a member of the Marshall Foundation, you will help us perpetuate the legacy of the man President Harry Truman called “the great one of the age.”As the keeper of the flame, the Marshall Foundation preserves and communicates the remarkable story of the life and times of George C. Marshall and his contemporaries. It has become a unique, national treasure worth protecting at all costs.

That’s why your membership is so important.Current and future generations should learn about George C. Marshall—leader, visionary, strategist, and statesman. Our great challenge today is to return Marshall to the public consciousness so more people, particularly young people, have an opportunity to learn from his example. He said it well years ago: “It is hard to believe that a man familiar with the history of the centuries could fail to guide his course somewhat by the lessons of the past.” With your help we can bring Marshall again to full public appreciation through our many special events, our museum, our scholarship, and our library and archives.

Please support us with your membership so the Marshall Foundation remains that one place where everyone can turn for information about this great man and the era he helped to shape through his extraordinary leadership.

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