August 2, 2023

Gen. George C. Marshall, Dog Sitter

Bones the Llewellin setter

Jimmy Winn and the Marshall’s dalmatian, Fleet.

George and Katherine Marshall loved dogs, so it’s no surprise that Katherine’s grandson Jimmy Winn loved dogs as well. He really wanted a dog of his own, so when he had a chance to break a wishbone, he wished for a dog.

That wish became reality when he got a beautiful Llewellyn setter puppy he named, somewhat appropriately, “Bones.” Bones grew into a beautiful brown-and-white dog with soft fur.

Bones the Llewellin setter sunning on the lawn at the Marshall’s home in Leesburg, VA.

When Jimmy’s father received an Army transfer to Japan, Bones could not go with the family. Jimmy’s grandparents, George and Katherine Marshall, were asked to dog sit for several years.

Bones enjoying pets from Gen. Marshall at their home in Pinehurst, NC.

Bones appears well-loved in photos with the Marshalls both at their home in Virginia and at their home in North Carolina.

Bones posing with the Marshalls at their home in Leesburg, VA.


Bones was not disturbed by numerous photographers and their clicking cameras.


Bones obediently sitting by Gen. Marshall as he and Katherine visit with friends at their home in Pinehurst, NC.

Bones was also visited by Jimmy’s cousin, Tupper, to make sure Bones had some good boy-and-dog time.

Bones enjoying attention from Jimmy Winn’s cousin Tupper Brown.

When the Winn family returned to the United States in 1956, Bones happily joined his boy at the family’s new home at Fort Ritchie, MD.

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