July 25, 2023

How to Follow the Life and Travels of General George C. Marshall

An interactive map tracking over 130 events in the life and career of George C. Marshall is now available on the George c. Marshall website.

Developed and compiled by Dr. Frank M. Settle, professor emeritus of chemistry at Washington & Lee University and author of General George C. Marshall and the Atomic Bomb, the map replaces the website’s older visual timeline of Marshall’s biography. “While interesting, it was not engaging, just a lot of dates and short text,” said Dr. Settle. “However, it did reveal Marshall’s extensive travels from his birth in Uniontown to his Nobel Prize in Oslo. This caused me to envision an interactive Google map that would track significant locations in his life.”

To access the full map, click the full view icon on the top right of the widget (arrow pointing to larger rectangle). The legend on the left provides a time line divided into six significant periods of his life (color coded). The events in each period are listed in chronological order. Each location contains a brief description of the event. Many locations include photographs and links to more detailed information. Clicking on a photograph produces a larger image and additional photos linked to the location.

“The research for my book gave me a deep appreciation for his contributions and also insights into his personality,” Dr. Settle said. “I then began to think about how interactive, web based maps could be used to educate the public on Marshall and his era.”

The map is available above, and can be permanently found at https://www.marshallfoundation.org/life-legacy/timeline/.