Audio Recording Overview

Track 1: Growing up in Uniontown Pennsylvania and attending grade school

Track 2: Boyhood reflection on early bicycles followed by reflection on childhood differences (Cub Scouts raising money for post-war Europe)

Track 3: First interest in army life as boy

Track 4: Life as a VMI cadet

Track 5: Arriving in France with troops, World War I

Track 6: Encountering the first American casualties during World War I

Track 7: Writing condolences for families of soldiers during World War II

Track 8: Struggling with Winston Churchill over a war film for troops, World War II

Track 9: Recount of Patton’s march across France: Marshall’s reunion with his former landlady from World War I, Mardame Jouatte

Track 10: Marshall’s ferry boat incident as a youth

Track 11: Marshall’s crocodile story as a young army officer

Track 12: The Marshall Plan Speech, 1947