Episode 2 – Marshall’s World

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make history? What if you invented something that changed the course of an event?

The life of George C. Marshall clearly shows the connection between individual destinies and larger historical forces. Because of his military career, Marshall’s own life was inextricably linked with the life of his nation, in good times and bad. Marshall’s leadership, his ability to see the larger picture and his understanding of what the common solider needed produced one of the greatest assets of the war.

Review the video of the autobiography of the Jeep. Then examine a list of historical events and technology developments in Marshall’s lifetime using a timeline.








  1. How did history shape Marshall’s life?
  2. How did Marshall’s life shape history?
  3. What was Marshall’s role in the creation of the Jeep?
  4. How did the Jeep help during WWII?



  • Imagine the future: Write a story in which your life dramatically affects or is affected by the course of history.
  • Rewrite the past: What if one of more key events listed here had not happened? Write an essay about how history and your life might be different because of the absence of this event.
  • Research one of the historical points on the timetable and report back to the class. Use a slideshow, video or other technology to present your findings.
  • Invite members of the community to speak about the impact of history in the local area.
  • Evaluate the changes in technology, communication, aviation, transportation or weapons over your or your parent’s lifetime.