Family Activities

Family activities allow the whole family to connect with museum collections and research. Discover Marshall, World War I, World War II and more!

Scavenger Hunt

When visiting the museum, see how many items you can find and how many questions you can answer on our scavenger hunt.


George C. Marshall Museum Coloring Booklet
George C. Marshall: A Hero for All Times


People and Place from the Two World Wars Crossword
People of World War II Word Find
World War II and Aftermath
Marshall’s Career Find-A-Word
Rosie Coloring Sheet


Comic Books

•The Foundation has digitized 4 comic books about General Marshall that can be used to encourage reluctant readers.These may be downloaded for free!


• Record an interview with grandparents or great-grandparents telling their stories about World War II. Upload to YouTube.
• Design a WWII poster to encourage conservation of food, enlisting in the service or safeguarding secrets.
• Design and create a medal that you think should be given to veterans.
• Make an info graphic, like this one, with information about World War I, World War II or General Marshall.
• Create a blog about war-time fashion or food.
• Draw your own comic about General Marshall.