George C. Marshall: A Life of Service

The goal of this program is to tell the story of George C. Marshall, one of the 20th century’s leading role models in a way that is not only informative for young people but also potentially transformative. The program seeks to foster opportunities for engaged learning that enable students to identify, develop, and exercise their own innate qualities of character and virtue. Thus, it invites students to realize their values in the conduct of both their personal and public lives–to be leaders in their own way, in their own time.


Unit 1: Mystery Hero 

Unit 2: Part of a Bigger Picture

Unit 3: Ferry Boats & Crocodiles

Unit 4: Marshall’s World

Unit 5: Great in Deed & Detail

Unit 6: The Marshall Plan

Unit 7: Think Like a Peace Prize Winner!

Unit 8: A Great American


Supplemental Materials:

George Marshall 1880-1959 Biography

Soldier and Statesman documentary video

George C. Marshall: A Chronology

Audio Recording Overview