Educator Resources

The Foundation assists educators who teach the Marshall era by providing pertinent information and resources.


  • Our website contains a brief overview of Marshall’s life with a visual chronology as well as links to his family tree on

Middle and High School

  • Our blog also has an array of events, topics, and how Marshall relates to them.
    • These research subject guides, curated by Foundation librarians, are a collection of primary source material from the Marshall Research Library and Archives, relating to Marshall and various topics. (Click on “About this Collection” to view sources).
  • Information about Marshall Plan history, the June 5th speech, as well as interviews with key players in the passage of the legislation can be found in The Marshall Plan section of our website.
  • Listen to what qualities made Marshall a great leader here.
  • See favorite items from our Museum Collection on our Collections page.
  • Curious to look at the books in Marshall’s personal library at Dodona Manor in Leesburg, Va.? Take a look at the inventory list.

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