Unit 4: Marshall’s World

Summary: Students place Marshall in the context of national and global history, 1880-1959 by constructing timetables for technological, national, and international change. Then they consider how the course of history influenced Marshall’s life, and later how the course of Marshall’s life influenced history.

Goals: To humanize history by showing students how individuals can both affect–and be affected by–larger courses of events. Also, to introduce students to the concept of duty and service to one’s nation.

Marshall’s World Overview and Activity Instructions:

Pg. 1 Marshall’s World

Pg. 2

Pg. 3

Pg. 4


Student Direction Sheet page 1/2

Student Direction Sheet page 2/2

Information Sheet #1 Changes in Science and Technology 1880-1959

Information Sheet #2 Events in East Asia, 1880-1959

Information Sheet #3 Events in Europe, 1880-1959

Information Sheet #4 Events in the United States, 1880-1959

Blank Multi-Column Timetable 1880-1910

Blank Multi-Column Timetable 1920-1950