Robert Lovett: A Man of Character and Ability

The main library room at the George C. Marshall Foundation is called the “Lovett Reading Room,” and there is a large painting of Robert Lovett on display. This confuses some visitors who may not recognize Lovett, or know the long working relationship George Marshall and Lovett had.     Lovett was a World War I […]

Anniversary of the Signing of the Marshall Plan

With the quick strokes of a pen, seventy-two years ago today, President Harry S. Truman changed the course of world history. On April 3, 1948, at his desk in the Oval Office, he signed into law the Foreign Assistance Act of 1948, which Congress helpfully suggested could also be referred to as the Economic Cooperation […]

Marshall Plan Films and Italian Cinema

Last night at the Marshall Foundation we heard from Dr. Regina Longo, a professional film and media archivist, presented a unique and insightful lecture about the impact of Marshall Plan films on the Italian movie industry. Using the Marshall Plan film productions in Italy as a case study, Dr. Longo screened a selection of Marshall […]

ICYMI: Exhibition at Marshall Museum Mentioned in USA Today

The new exhibition at the George C. Marshall Museum, “Hope for Those Who Need It,” was featured in the Travel section of USA Today on April 3 as one of the “Best museum exhibits in the U.S. this spring.” Mentioned as one of 13 exhibits, “Hope for Those Who Need It,” celebrates the Marshall […]

The Marshall Plan: 70th Anniversary

On April 3rd the Marshall Foundation, in partnership with the United States Diplomacy Center, commemorated the 70th anniversary of the signing of the Marshall Plan into law by President Harry Truman at the Diplomacy Center in Washington, D.C. The Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation provided special support for the event. The first part of the program featured remarks by Dr. […]

Marshall and The Fight For The European Recovery Plan

Seventy years ago this week the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (SFRC) continued to work on approving the details of the European Recovery Program. The European Recovery Program, or ERP, was more commonly known as the Marshall Plan. Opposition in Congress, which reflected public sentiment, was widespread. Some thought Europe needed to solve its own problems […]

The Nobel Peace Prize

On December 10, 1953, General George C. Marshall received the Nobel Peace Prize in a ceremony in Oslo, Norway. Marshall received the award in recognition of his efforts to restore the economies of Western Europe through the Marshall Plan, which had concluded in 1952. Marshall was the first career military officer to receive this high […]

Marshall and the Plan: The Princeton Speech

Seventy years ago, newly appointed Secretary of State George C. Marshall delivered remarks at Princeton University on the occasion of George Washington’s birthday. Marshall had been sworn in a little over a month earlier, yet his remarks revealed a thorough understanding of the world situation as well as his views on the more active role […]

Marshall and the Foreign Assistance Act

On March 23, 2016, the Marshall Plan Speech was one of 25 recordings added to the National Recording Registry at the Library of Congress. Secretary of State George C. Marshall’s remarks at Harvard University were a crucial first step in the United States’ efforts to help rebuild Europe after World War II and certainly represent […]

Marshall and His Speech

Sixty-eight years ago today, Secretary of State George C. Marshall delivered remarks at Harvard University that would become known as the Marshall Plan Speech. Henry Kissinger, who, like Marshall, served as Secretary of State and was the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, recently wrote about the significance of the Marshall Plan and its continuing […]

Marshall Plan and the Poster Contest

In the fall of 1950, the Intra-European Cooperation for a Better Standard of Living Poster Contest was held throughout Europe whereby artists were encouraged to submit posters that represented the theme of cooperation and economic recovery. Over 10,000 pieces were submitted from various countries. A panel of twelve graphic artists, each representing a different Marshall […]

Marshall Plan and Mad Men

While the world prepares for the conclusion of the television program Mad Men next year, we ought to stop and think about what prepared the world for Mad Men. In a recent interview (relevant quote begins around 4:15), Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner said that he first became interested in the late 1950s and early […]

George C. Marshall testifying for the Marshall Plan

Marshall Plan and Afghanistan Aid

SIGAR (Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction) may have been throwing up his hands in disbelief when he announced last week the total aid given to Afghanistan since our recent involvement will soon exceed total Marshall Plan assistance following World War II. “SIGAR calculates that by the end of 2014, the United States will have […]