iBooks on The Marshall Plan

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Written for high school students and social studies teachers, the recently released book, The Marshall Plan: Promoting Europe’s Unlikely Postwar Recovery, includes many interactive features that make the presentation come alive with visually and historically rich embedded files obtained from the Foundation’s extensive proprietary archives.


marshall plan book image

The second book, In Search of a Usable Past: The Marshall Plan in Postwar Reconstruction Today, was written by Dr. Barry Machado and was published by the Foundation as a paperback volume in 2007 following a series of meetings to identify practical features of the still-popular and relevant post-World War II program that restored the economies of Western Europe.



marshall plan book imageStolberg 1944: Through the Siegfried Line, written by Foundation Advisor Gen. Paul F. Gorman, USA (Ret.), on the Foundation’s virtual bookshelf.  It details an important military campaign during WWII.


MonsIII.225x225-75 The Mons Pocket, written by Steve Bowman and Jack Neufeld with Gen. Gorman describes the battle of the Mons Pocket in June 1944 during World War II.  It contains maps and narrative to describe the positions of the combatants during the battle and tactics used by Gen. Omar Bradley to accomplish his strategy.