The Art of War Exhibition

July 16, 2015

4:45 PM

The exhibition, presented in partnership with Virginia Military Institute, will feature examples of WWI and WWII German and American propaganda posters and US Army Psychological Warfare leaflets and booklets distributed during WWII. Two moving examples of artist Thomas Hart Benton’s prints that will be on display.

General George C. Marshall was constantly seeking to sway public opinion. For example he enlisted the services of five of the top Hollywood film directors to produce “troop information films” for soldiers and, later, civilians. The most famous of these, Frank Capra’s “Why We Fight” series, will be shown in the exhibition space. Editorial cartoons will be displayed as well.

Drawing on our collections, we will also display artifacts from World War I and II including a butcher blade from WWI, an Army M1 rifle, Japanese rifles used during WWII, a German Walther handgun given by General Omar Bradley to General Marshall, Japanese Army-issued Samurai swords, Hitler youth daggers, and Luftwaffe ceremonial sabers.

One of the most controversial aspects of the war was the dropping of the atomic bomb. Part of the exhibition will feature artifacts from the Leslie Groves collection. Groves was the military commander of the Manhattan Project.

Members and non-members paying $15 can get a first look at the exhibition at 4:45pm on July 16th before Bob Gorrell’s talk. Reservations for the sneak peek and the talk are required by calling Leigh McFaddin at 540-463-7103, ext. 138 or by filling out the form below:

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Please reserve a space for me for the talk with Bob Gorrell on "Paper Bullets" and the Art of Editorial Cartooning and a first look at the new exhibition "The Art of War."